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Bird Images





                       C O M P L E T E   C L E A R A N C E   S A LE  N O W  !  

                                                                           ALL PRICES REDUCED

We offer new and secondhand, in and out of print, fine, rare & antiquarian books
covering birds of the world. 
NOTE: if we are unable to fulfil orders for any significant period of time a notice will appear here giving the date of our return and after which you may order and pay for books. 


Birds of Paradise - Frith & Frith Bird Books Online



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bird images


There may be times when we cannot  immediately respond to orders or to requests for information etc. While every effort will be made to communicate with site users via all available electronic means, regardless of where we might be at the time, there will inevitably be times when all attempts to do so might fail for one to several days or more. Do rest assured, however, that all communications will be dealt with just as soon as media connections become attainable and available again.

In order to keep users in the loop we shall at times post a notice on the site indicating if we are to be away at some remote location on the planet for any more extensive period of time. Your understanding and patience will be deeply appreciated during any such future longer period of field photography.

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